Yungstar vs. Antor  

Watch Yungstar battle the evil Rulon Antor. Will Yungstar's charisma and athleticism be enough to overcome the sheer treachery of Antor?



Questar vs. Krulos  

Bitter rivals to the end, Questar, the heroic leader of the Dino Riders, takes on Krulos, the evil leader of the Rulons. Who will prevail in this one-on-one contest for wrestling supremacy?


Gunner vs. Rok (Steel Cage Match)  

Watch Gunner battle the Dino Riders Commando Rok inside a 15-foot high steel cage.  The only way to win is to escape the cage.  Who will have what it take to emerge victorious?


6-Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal  

Watch a 6-man Battle Royal involving Krulos, Hammerhead, Antor, Questar, Yungstar and Gunner. The only way to win is to throw your opponents over the top rope and onto the arena floor. Who will be the last man standing?



Tagg vs. Mind-Zei (Ladder Match)  

Watch Tagg take on Mind-Zei in a ladder match where the only way to win is to climb up the ladder and retrieve the championship belt hanging from the rafters. Will Tagg's strength be enough to overcome the wisdom and experience of Mind-Zei?



Yungstar & Serena vs. The Commandos - Bomba & Faze  

Watch Yungstar and Serena team up to face the Bomba and Faze from the Dino Riders Commando team.  Will the youth and athleticism of Yungstar and Serena prevail over the experience and tag team continuity of the Commandos?