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No successful toy franchise would be complete without its own line of cheap plastic weapons and accessories.  Dino-Riders was no exception.  The Henry Gordy company produced a variety of Dino-Riders licensed toy weapons, including plastic guns and swords.

Water Gun
Survival Kit
Signal Flash

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Survival Kit.png
Ammo from Toy Gun
Sword (large).png SignalFlash (large).png WaterGun (large).png Sparkle Gun (large).png
Sparkle Gun
Orange Sword.png Orange Ax - Back.png Orange Ax - Front.png

Below is a sword and ax that were part of a promotional package for the Dino Riders toy line in Australia.  Little is known about these items, including whether and what other items were included in the promotional package. The sword has a Dino Riders sticker on it but the ax does not.  Instead, the front and back of the ax have an imprint of different symbols, neither of which are associated with Dino Riders.