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The following pictures are scans of original Polaroid photos of various Dino Riders prototypes taken by a former Tyco employee.  Many of these show very early versions of the toys and few people in the world have seen these until now.

Prototype - Tyrannosaurus 4.jpg Prototype - Tyrannosaurus 2.jpg Prototype - Tyrannosaurus.jpg Prototype - Tyrannosaurus 3.jpg Prototype - Mixed.jpg Prototype - Torosaurus.jpg Prototype - Triceratops 2.jpg Prototype - Diplodocus.jpg Prototype - Diplodocus 3.jpg Prototype - Torosaurus 2.jpg Prototype - Ankylosaurus.jpg Prototype - Deinonychus.jpg Prototype - Deinonychus 2.jpg Prototype - Monoclonius.jpg Prototype - Monoclonius 2.jpg Prototype - Pteranodon.jpg Prototype - Pteranodon 2.jpg Prototype - Pterodactyl.jpg Prototype - Triceratops.jpg


The following pictures are production shots from Product Dynamics. Product Dynamics was a leading product development company that specialized in the design and fabrication of precision prototype models. The company worked hand-in-hand with Tyco in creating the toys and was responsible for creating the molds for the toys.


Here are pictures of some of the original molds used to make the actual toys that were sold on eBay.


Here are pictures of “final approval” prototypes that were sold on E-Bay.  These are more or less identical to the production versions, except for the unpainted T. Rex and Edmontonia.


Here are two Rulon "test shot" figures that were sold on E-Bay.

Prototype - Diplodocus 2.jpg Prototype - Tyrannosaurus 5.jpg Prototype - Tyrannosaurus 6.jpg Prototype - Tyrannosaurus 7.jpg Prototype - Torosaurus 3.jpg Prototype - Monoclonius 3.jpg Prototype - Monoclonius 4.jpg Prototype - Diplodocus 4.jpg Prototype - Diplodocus 5.jpg Prototype - Diplodocus 6.jpg Prototype - Diplodocus 7.jpg

The following pictures are of a prototype Stegosaurus that was auctioned off in March 2013 by Hake’s Americana & Collectibles.  This is a rare piece that came from the personal collection of Lee Volpe, the Manager, Director and VP of New Product Development for Tyco from 1982 to 1994.  This piece is considerably smaller but more scientifically accurate than the production Stegosaurus. The prototype is more comparable in size to the Kentrosaurus.  The prototype arrived unassembled and there are ink notations indicating where certain pieces go.  Interestingly, the head has ink notations on it for a brain box design, which indicates there was at one time a plan for an evil Rulon version of the Stegosaurus.  Comparison pictures against the production Stegosaurus and Kentrosauurs are included for reference.

Prototype-Stegosaurus1(Large).jpg Prototype-Stegosaurus2(Large).jpg Prototype-Stegosaurus3(Large).jpg Prototype-Stegosaurus4(Large).jpg Prototype-Stegosaurus5(Large).jpg Prototype-Stegosaurus6(Large).jpg Prototype-Stegosaurus7(Large).jpg Prototype-Stegosaurus8(Large).jpg Prototype-Stegosaurus9(Large).jpg Prototype-Stegosaurus10(Large).jpg Prototype-Stegosaurus11(Large).jpg Prototype-Stegosaurus12(Large).jpg Prototype-Stegosaurus13(Large).jpg Prototype-Stegosaurus14(Large).jpg PROTOTYPES
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The following pictures were taken from black and white photocopies of Polaroid pictures of various Dino-Riders prototypes. Many of these pictures show very early versions of the dinosaurs, including some that were never released such as the Parasaurolophus, the original armor for the Brontosaurus and the early design for the Stegosaurus. There is also a picture of an unreleased AMP unit that was originally planned to be a role playing toy that could control/interact with the Parasaurolophus. The pictures are a little difficult to see but you can still get an idea of how different a lot of these prototypes were compared to the final versions.

Prototypes-B&W-Brontosaurus(Large).jpg Prototypes-B&W-Dimetrodon1(Large).jpg Prototypes-B&W-Dimetrodon2(Large).jpg Prototypes-B&W-Dimetrodon3(Large).jpg Prototypes-B&W-Dimetrodon4(Large).jpg Prototypes-B&W-Edmontonia(Large).jpg Prototypes-B&W-Kentrosaurus(Large).jpg Prototypes-B&W-Pachycephalosaurus(Large).jpg Prototypes-B&W-Parasaurolophus(Large).jpg Prototypes-B&W-Placerias(Large).jpg Prototypes-B&W-Protoceratops1(Large).jpg Prototypes-B&W-Protoceratops2(Large).jpg Prototypes-B&W-Protoceratops3(Large).jpg Prototypes-B&W-Saurolophus1(Large).jpg Prototypes-B&W-Saurolophus2(Large).jpg Prototypes-B&W-Stegosaurus1(Large).jpg Prototypes-B&W-Stegosaurus2(Large).jpg Prototypes-B&W-Stegosaurus3(Large).jpg Prototypes-B&W-Struthiomimus(Large).jpg Prototypes-B&W-AMPUnit(Large).jpg